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History of Park Lane

Clark Taylor, Sunday School Superintendent at Long Creek, and Charles Dowdy, from Portland, felt a deep burden to start a Nazarene Church North of Clarksville, close to Fort Campbell. In June of 1957, a tent revival was held in New Providence with Evangelist Holcomb with the intent of starting a church at Park Lane under the leadership of Pastor Lathan Dowdy.


The Park Lane Church was organized after the revival closed. Charter families were: Rev. Lathan Dowdy and family, Clark and Betty Taylor and children, Aaron and Nancy Taylor and children, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Fain and Mrs. Bowers.

Work was started immediately, as the church moved into an old army barrack on Faith Drive. There were very few pews or seats for those first services. Another barrack was moved in that seated 100, giving 10 Sunday School class rooms. The first service held in the church was on a rainy Sunday. The driveway from the church up to 41A had been freshly landscaped and was so muddy it was impossible to drive a car on it or even to walk from the highway to the church. The church got permission to walk across a neighbor's yard to the new building. There were 17 in that first service.

In 1962, under the ministry of Rev. Ottis Donegan, a new parsonage was built adjacent to the church. In 1965, the congregation built a new sanctuary which seated 225.  Ten acres were purchased on Cunningham Lane and in 1987 a new parsonage was built under the leadership of Rev. Barney Baggott. 


Following the sale of the buildings on Faith Drive to the Agape Korean Church in October of 1992, the new facilities on Cunningham Lane were constructed under the leadership of Rev. Larry W. Spraker. In 2003, a 34,000 square foot Family Life Center was added.


The following ministers have served the Park Lane Church:

  • Charles Dowdy, 1957-59

  • Charles Melton, 1960-61

  • Ottis Donegan, 1961-68

  • Clifton Hale, 1969-70

  • O.C. Rushing, 1970-73

  • E.J. Steinert, 1974-75

  • J.L Killgore, 1976-77

  • Aubrey Smith, 1978-79

  • Ottis Donegan, 1979-83

  • Barney Baggott, 1983-91

  • Larry Spraker, 1992-2011

  • A. Scott Ezell, 2012-13

  • Chet Bush, 2013-2015

  • Craig Henderson, 2015-2021

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